Driver Training

24Sevensameday Limited is a family-run courier company, based in Leicester in the East Midlands. With a fleet of over 30 light commercial vehicles ranging from car-derived vans to larger 3.5 tonne models, as well as a number of motorcycles, it provides a range of collection and delivery services on a local, national and international basis. The Company’s philosophy is to have a single customer’s consignment on a dedicated vehicle. Therefore, the driver who collects the consignment will be the same one who delivers it to the final destination.

This, in combination with robust Company based safety, quality and loading standards, ensures that the drivers minimise the risk of breakages and losses during transit. These high standards have resulted in the Company building up an impressive portfolio of clients in a wide range of industry sectors.

The ongoing safety of his drivers and the continuing professionalism and quality of the Company’s service were just some of the reasons why David Hancock, Managing Director of 24Sevensameday Limited, contacted the SAFED for Vans programme to enquire about getting a selection of his drivers trained. The fact that the training was provided free of charge proved to be an additional incentive.

The SAFED training took place during January 2007 and involved 12 drivers. The drivers selected for the training came from a wide range of driving background, the majority having in excess of 15 years of van driving experience. This, in combination with a number of drivers expressing uncertainty over whether the SAFED training would make any real difference to their daily driving task ensured that the course was met with a high degree of reservation from the drivers.
On completion of the training and gaining feedback from the trainer, it was found that there had been an average reduction in fuel consumption of 22%, with similar reductions in gear changes. A number of drivers were surprised at what they had learnt during the one-day course and were sure that it would make a positive difference to their daily driving task.

David is sure that this training will add benefit to the service his business offers his clients. Although he anticipates a drop in the fuel savings realised through the training course, David is hopeful that a high level of economy will be achieved during day-to-day operation.
SAFED for Vans 
Helpline: 0870 190 8440

Fleet & Services

Many of the services we offer are unique to 24Sevensameday, and are in themselves environmentally friendly. Click on the links below for more information

Dedicated Delivery pick up from A & deliver to B by the quickest route, satellite navigation ensures best route for the driver along with our modern fuel efficient fleet.
A wide range of different vehicles are available ensuring you get the right size vehicle for the task.

Sameday London Economy, collection before 12 noon for delivery before 17.30 the sameday (weight and location restrictions apply)

Next Day Shuttle is a consolidation service that delivers on our own vehicles, not through an overnight network ensuring maximum safe handling and guaranteed delivery or collection.


Our system enables clients to apply for an account, subscribe to our email newsletter and download our Terms & Conditions of Carriage. Proof of delivery is emailed to the client as soon as the consignment is delivered.

Each of these facilities significantly reduces the consumption of paper, inks and reduces emissions, both by 24Sevensameday and our clients. We are constantly planning further enhancements for the website that will increase the number of electronic facilities offered by 24Sevensameday.


We are keen to purchase and to print any brochures/collaterals on paper that is either recycled or that is accredited as being from stock that adheres to strict controls over waste water quality and air pollution during manufacture. We will continue to identify opportunities to purchase environmentally friendly paper and stationery.