The Big Difference Company

We wanted to share the Newsletter from Leicester’s Comedy Festival Partner ‘The Big Difference Company’ ”Big Difference Company is the organisation behind the annual Leicester Comedy Festival  but not many people know, we are also a charity and do many other great things outside the Festival in February.  This new BDC newsletter will keep you…



Here at 24Sevensameday we working as hard as ever. Enduring the heat to ensure all deliveries are still carried out to the highest of standards.   Our team of dedicated drivers have been traveling up and down the country. Making full use of the air conditioning in (some of) the vans and enjoying the roads…


Formula 1 Teams


Another Urgent delivery today to 3 top F1 teams, we have delivered sensitive network equipment to F1 team Jordan and important parts to F1 teams McLaren at Woking and Williams at Didcot.